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To Share and Preserve the History of Steiger Tractor

To make their farming operation more productive, Maurice and Douglass Steiger, along with their father, John, built their first Steiger tractor in a barn converted to a shop during the winter of 1957-58. Little did they know then that their tractor would draw so much attention and interest, that it would impact the agriculture industry, and that the Steiger name would be recognized as a world leader in the high-powered, large, four-wheel-drive-tractor market.

The Steiger Heritage Club has been formed to honor Steiger tractor history – from those early and humble days in the 1950s to today’s huge, powerful, four-wheel-drive articulated Case IH “Steiger” model tractors. 


About the Steiger Heritage Club

The Steiger tractor has often been credited with changing the course of farming. The Steiger Heritage Club was formed for the education, information sharing, and enjoyment of Steiger Tractor owners, employees (past and present), and interested Steiger enthusiasts and friends. The Steiger Heritage Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Minnesota.


You can be a member of the Steiger Heritage Club simply by signing up. There is no membership fee.  We do have expenses, however, and will rely on free-will donations and support from members and Company/Farm sponsors.


From March of 1958, when the first Steiger tractor was completed, to the present day, Steiger tractors evolved, revolutionized the agriculture industry, and have been recognized as a world-leader in the production of the large 4WD tractors.


Vintage and collectible Steiger tractors can be seen each Labor Day Weekend at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion (WMSTR) in Rollag, MN.

We are honored and excited that the WMSTR will be highlighting Steiger Tractor History in 2026!

Bonanzaville, U.S.A. also has four unique Steiger tractors on display.


See photos of Steiger Tractors in our Gallery–from the lime-green “barn-built” models to the green Fargo-built models to the giant red Case IH Steiger tractors of today.

And, we want to see your photos, too!

Two Steiger tractor Events await you

Revving Up for 2026

Anticipate a Steiger Extravaganza!

Get ready for an exciting journey into Steiger Tractor history as we gear up for two great events in 2026! We will be celebrating these iconic machines at both the Red Power Roundup in June and the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion (WMSTR) over Labor Day Weekend.

Red Power Roundup: June 25-27th in Huron, SD

The South Dakota Chapter (Chapter 21) of the International
Harvester Collectors’ Club (IHCC) is hosting the 2026 Red
Power Roundup. The Steiger Heritage Club will be there to
help Chapter 21 tell the Steiger story for the first time at a
Red Power Roundup.

WMSTR: September 4th-7th in Rollag, MN

The 2026 “Grand Finale” of Steiger exhibitions will take
place in Rollag. The WMSTR and the Steiger Heritage Club have joined forces to share Steiger history by featuring a spectacular showcase of Steiger tractors that span the decades. Join us as enthusiasts gather to share their passion for these powerful machines.

Anticipate a Steiger Extravaganza!
We’re aiming high for the 2026 Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion!
Owners and collectors are invited to display their prized Steiger Tractors in Rollag. We want to show
Steigers from every series, ranging from the iconic Barn Series of the 1960s to the robust 1000 Series
of the mid-to-late-1980s and beyond—including red Case IH Steigers.

Steve Masat, President of Chapter 21 of IHCC, advises, “We appreciate the support of the Steiger
Heritage Club. The two events are different. If Steiger exhibitors plan to exhibit tractors at both events,
the IHCC will house their tractors at the Red Power Roundup, but if you can only attend one event,
bring it to the show that will prominently feature Steiger tractors—the WMSTR in Rollag.”

Stay tuned for more information over the next two years about volunteer opportunities, how to
register your tractors, and where to bring your memorabilia for both events. However…


The Green Steiger Tractor Story

Same Great Book.

Two Cover Options.

Which will you choose?

The Fargo Series cover or Barn Built Series cover?
Starting at the very beginning and looking at the Steiger family from the early days through to building
their first 4WD articulated tractor during the winter of 1957/58, learn more about the family’s important
role as innovators and pioneers of the 4WD tractor industry. Softbound. 206-pages. A 3-Point Ink, LLC

About the author: Peter D. Simpson has become a leading authority on the history of four-wheel-drive tractors. Since 1999, he has produced three volumes of ‘Ultimate Tractor Power’, an A-Z series of the big 4WDs around the world. Peter has also produced 10 DVDs on 4WD articulated tractors from around the world.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Steiger Heritage Club.

Use the button below to order your book.

Steiger Heritage Club Merchandise

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